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What they are saying about Joseph Lacerda

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Richard Kline (Actor & Coach) AEA, SAG, AFTRA, DGA -- Three's Company, Fx The Americans, Blue Bloods

"Joseph has been a student of mine in both my Situation Comedy Workshop and my on-going acting workshop. What impresses me is his business approach to his craft. He is keenly aware of marketing and attending showcases with industry personnel to perform and receive feedback. His work in my workshop is constantly improving and this is because of his passion for acting and his ability to absorb and capitalize on direction."


Anthony Grasso (Actor & Coach) SAG-AFTRA, AEA -- Jessica Jones, Gotham, Law & Order SVU

"Joseph has the right mix of perseverance and curiosity that makes for an actor on the rise. He has been training with me for over a year and can say without a doubt I would recommend him to any acting job. He's always on time, always prepared and takes direction well. He leaves his ego at the door and is one of my go to key students. He has a bright future."

Jared Kelner (Actor & Coach) -- Artistic Director of Actor's Approach Acting Academy

"Joseph is a blessing to his acting partner and he is an acting teacher's dream student. Responsible, professional, respectful, mature, but never losing sight of the child within him that needs to be present to fully play in the imaginary circumstances."

Danny Oakden (Actor & Director) SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity 

"It was my pleasure directing Joe for the 8 episode web series "How To Do Everything." I took comfort knowing he would arrive to set not only well rehearsed with his lines, but also with a deep understanding of the characters subtext. He was always willing to take direction and try new approaches to every scene. Joe is an extremely hard worker and would be an asset to any production."

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